Turning writers into directors since 2011

Founded in 2011 to help creative thinkers express themselves through video, Plotagon developed a one-of-a-kind magical typewriter that turns ordinary text into animated films. Since then, a growing global community has used the Plotagon Story application to create and share videos every day on social media.

Over time, Plotagon expanded into classrooms, helping teachers create interactive lessons for a more engaging, effective learning experience.

With the launch of Plotagon Studio, businesses, universities, governments, schools and nonprofits have used animation, storytelling and gamification to turn their traditional training, e-learning and outreach materials into rich, scenario-based learning experiences.

Plotagon AB is a privately held firm headquartered in beautiful and historic Central Stockholm, where a team of programmers, artists, animators and marketers works with the help of dedication, passion and fresh coffee all day long.

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