Put up to four characters in the same scene in Plotagon Studio 1.1.2!

Here’s a special surprise for Plotagon Studio customers: advanced camera controls that will change the way you make movies with Plotagon.

One of the most-requested features in Plotagon Story and Plotagon Education has been to have more than two characters in a scene. There are a number of technical reasons why this has always been in place. For one thing, with only two characters in a scene, the Plotagon application automatically knows where characters should look (at each other) and how to set up the shot-reverse-shot camera angles over each character’s shoulder. Also, each scene begins with a wide establishing shot that shows that there are only one or two people in the room. Together, these have helped make Plotagon easy enough for anyone to use.

But thanks to our new camera controls, we have an equally easy way to expand the cast of every scene. Now you can remove the establishing shot simply by clicking the camera icon next to each scene and selecting “camera is skipping establishing shot”:

By turning it off, you can cut between two scenes, each on different sides of the same location, without interruption.

Simply cut from this . . .

. . . to this . . .

. . . and then you will show four characters in the same room! This feature is available in every one of our 130+ scenes.

The new Plotagon Studio 1.1.2 release also includes our first set of advanced camera controls! These allow you to zoom, pan, and set up your camera in a host of new ways to make your films shine. Because this is a new feature, we are implementing it scene-by-scene. You can find the full list of scenes with advanced camera controls in the Release Notes section of our Tech Specs page.

There are some new example Plots that come with the new version of the application. Make sure you download the latest version (1.1.2) and try it for yourself!