Animate Your Life with Plotagon Story

Create a 3D animated character in just a few clicks.

Huge library of outfits, hairstyles and different looks.

It has never been more easy or fun to animate yourself.

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Download plotagon story

Get Plotagon Story and begin making animated avatars and videos within minutes. Download it for FREE from the App Store or Play Store for your iOS or Android device.

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A version of Plotagon just for you

Plotagon Story is ideal for individual storytellers to express themselves with friends or on social media (to be updated with addon widget)

Plotagon Story Plotagon Studio
Who should use Individual storytellers Businesses, nonprofits, professionals, educators
Scenes Selected scenes. Others available for purchase. All 200+ Plotagon scenes
Characters Selected characters. Others available for purchase. All Plotagon characters
Clothing Selected clothing items. Others available for purchase. All Plotagon clothing
Voices 2 American English, with additional voices available for purchase 2 American English (Rod & Karen), plus 2 more, with additional voices available for purchase
Platforms iOS & Android Mac & Windows
MP4 export resolution 720p 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K
Record your own voice
No Plotagon Watermark Golden Ticket only ($49.99)
Import/Export collaboration tools
Import voice audio
Import music
Import images
Commercial rights
Price Free to download, with in-app purchases Monthly or annual subscriptions

Please note that Plotagon Story does not include YouTube monetization rights. If you wish to make animated films for your business or advertising-based YouTube channel, then Plotagon Studio may be the right choice for you.

Write dialogue, press play

Plotagon Story is so intuitive that anyone can learn to use it in minutes. When you are finished, you can export your movies as MP4 files to use as is, or use them as clips in larger movies.

Location, location, location

Plotagon offers over 200 scenes available for in-application purchase, all created by our in-house Art team.

Give voice to your characters

Plotagon includes lifelike digital voices from the Acapela Group

American English voices Rod and Karen come standard.

Purchase adult and child voices in  French, Spanish, German, Swedish, and more!

Manage your Plotagon Story account

Reset your password or manage your account settings

Plotagon Story for Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

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Download plotagon story

This app does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. Download it for FREE in the app store today.

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