Plotagon Education lesson plans

Create a Kahoot! historical quiz using Plotagon! 2018-04-18T08:15:21+00:00
Foreign Language 2018-04-30T15:16:39+00:00
American History 2018-04-30T15:13:33+00:00
Historia – Tänk Om… 2018-04-11T13:06:44+00:00
One-Sided Dialogue 2018-04-11T12:57:33+00:00
Kindergarten Weekly Plans 2018-04-11T12:47:03+00:00
Making an animated movie using StoryCubes 2018-04-11T16:23:10+00:00
Make Your Movies Sound Awesome 2018-04-11T12:31:57+00:00
Introduction to figurative language 2018-04-09T08:23:25+00:00
Different Ages, Different Faces 2018-04-09T08:26:39+00:00
Much or Many? | Learn English 2018-04-09T08:27:39+00:00
Understand Ancient Egypt 2018-04-09T08:28:07+00:00
Past Simple – endings | Learn English 2018-04-09T08:29:16+00:00
Arguing for or against a topic 2018-04-09T08:22:55+00:00
Creative Writing | Poem 2018-04-09T08:29:31+00:00
What is an Adjective? 2018-04-09T08:30:16+00:00
Mental Health Awareness 2018-04-09T08:30:42+00:00
5 Reasons to Read! 2018-04-09T08:30:29+00:00
History: A Day in the Life 2018-04-09T08:31:18+00:00
Six-Step Confrontation Process 2018-05-02T12:46:58+00:00
A First Look At Advance Search 2018-04-09T08:31:33+00:00
Introduction to Anthropology 2018-04-09T08:32:43+00:00
Quote from History 2018-04-09T08:33:25+00:00
How to stage a debate 2018-04-11T12:48:55+00:00
Grammar Dialogue 2018-04-09T08:58:54+00:00