Here we have collected the most common questions about Plotagon. Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find an answer to your question.

Trouble with the application?

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  • What is Plotagon? Simply put, Plotagon is a magic typewriter. It is a software for PC and Mac designed to make it as easy as possible to write a story, and then watch that story as a movie.

  • How do I get Plotagon? You can download Plotagon right now, completely free! You need a Plotagon-account to use the application, the download-link will prompt you to log in or create a new account.

  • What does it mean that Plotagon is a beta? It means that Plotagon is in its early stages, and is still in a process of being developed. Everything might not work perfectly, but you get to be a part of building something the world has never seen together with us. We value your feedback on how Plotagon works for you, what doesn’t work, and what features you would like in the future. Send us an email at support@plotagon.com and we promise to get back to you!

  • How long will Plotagon be in beta? Plotagon will never stop being improved. But at some point in the future we will reach a point where we feel the software has matured enough to be called 1.0. When that happens, we will be sure to let you know.

  • What will Plotagon cost once it is out of beta? Plotagon is completely free! You can download the application and make movies without any cost. However, there's a built-in store that offer packs with characters and environments to expand your application and story-telling.

  • What languages is Plotagon available in? The speech synthesis in this first version Plotagon is created to work with English. In the future we will release versions that will work with other languages, such as Spanish, German and French.

  • Is Plotagon available for iOS, Android or Windows Mobile? Not yet. But you can watch movies and use our community at Plotagon.com on almost any device.

Making movies

  • Is there any limit to what I can create with Plotagon? Only your imagination. That said, Plotagon comes with a number of scenes and actors for you to choose from. The first package, called City gives you the toolbox to create any type of sitcom, using the building blocks of many comedy, drama or suspense sitcoms as well as five actors. Furthermore, Plotagons built-in store offer packs with new characters and environments (many from classic stories) to expand your application and story-telling.

  • I’ve never written a movie script before. Can I use Plotagon? Yes you can. You don’t have to know anything about movie scripts. Plotagon guides you through the writing process with an easy to use interface with clear icons and labels. You can also choose a simplified script format that is less intimidating than the standard Hollywood script format.

  • I’ve never made animated movies before. Can I use Plotagon? Yes you can. You don’t have to know anything about animation. Anyone who can write and read can create a story with Plotagon. All you need to know is how to tell a story.

Sharing movies

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