This is a short list of the most frequently asked questions about Plotagon. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find an answer to your question.



Publish & Share

  • How do I publish the videos I’ve made with Plotagon? Just hit the Publish & Share button. This will publish your video to the Plotagon community. Each video also gets its own public URL, for example plotagon.com/20312, so you can share it with people who don’t have Plotagon.

  • Can I upload my videos on YouTube? Yes you can! When publishing your animated video on Plotagon, you have the option to upload it to YouTube. The first time you will be asked to connect your YouTube account to your Plotagon account.

  • Can I share my videos on Facebook and Twitter? Of course! When you publish your video you will get the option to share it to Facebook and/or Twitter. Depending on platform, the first time you may be asked to connect your Facebook or Twitter account to your Plotagon account. You can also share yours or other user’s videos when watching them on the Plotagon website or in the app.

  • Can I save my video to a file? No, videos can only be published on Plotagon, uploaded to YouTube and shared to Facebook and Twitter.

  • How can others find what I have shared? As a part of the title, you can add hashtags to make it easier for other people to find your video. To make a hashtag, just write something with the hash sign (#) in front of it, like #yolo, and it will automatically become a tag.

  • How can I find what others have shared? Go to the Discover tab. Search for interesting hashtags or users. Also go through the Staff Picks and Popular videos. If you find someone interesting just follow them and as soon as they have created a new video it will show up in your feed.

  • Where do I find the videos I’ve published? In your profile. You can also find them by logging into your account on the Plotagon website. The videos will also show up in your feed under the Home tab.

  • Can I edit a video that I’ve shared? No, not currently. To replace an old video, you have to publish a new version of it, and delete the old version. You can however edit the title of a video after it is published.


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