Hoi I’m Julien, I was born on the 2005 Cinco de Mayo day at 10:30 PM in Canada. I also have autism. I make funny and, more funny things. I like Just Dance, Plotagon, and my family. My sister: @BabyGirl2367. My (fake) wife: @Baconpants227. My (fake) children @FanboyGrodanYT @BabyDaisyProductions_2008 @Unicorn_Lover60. My (fake) grandkids @JoshThePunster @Mishka38 @TheCreamyDoraemonPLOTAGON @TheTruthOfThe345671orTheLoudLocation. My (fake) ex girlfriend @Pelle. My (fake) monkey @Doodius. My (real) Youtube PlotterThugDuck. When I audition for stuff, this plot is what I will use. @626286. So click that button with the yellow and watch stuff. Brexit.
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