YouTube channel: ThomasLover120 Target: 150 followers. Follow these friends of mine: @MasterX954, @SmythProductions, @GrantHaleyAnimationAndComics, @PlotagonTimster, @Asphalt95gamer, @CupheadFans2007. Current series: Character Elimination S2&3. Completed Series: Crossover S1 and S2 (Collab; so boring), CE S1. Future or proposed series: None at the moment. From S3 EP 2 onwards: πŸ’š-All ages admitted. Little Drug use and violence, soft language. πŸ’›-Parental Guidance. Some Drug use and violence. Little language. 🧑-Restricted 15+. Contains drug use, violence, some language. Bring a person over 15 to watch it. ❀️-No Childen under 17, Adults only.
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