Plotagon is one of the greatest apps out there! No other app gives you so many items free and or at very low prices! You can be creative, funny, serious and also make new buddies on this app! (As always, be careful and never give your personal address or phone number to anyone online anywhere!) You get to watch a variety of plots, some are like movies, others are short ones, and all are very good! with a ton of topics to choose from. My only rules in being my follower/friend are: 1.please don't copy my plots, be original and use your own ideas, you may be surprised how many peeps will like them! 2. Don't critique my plots in a negative way. If you have something nice to say thats fine, but I plot for fun, not to have them critiqued and told what someone would do differently. 3. Respect me and I respect you! I found this app by typing in my browser "Something fun and animated to do online" that was about 4 or 5 years ago, and now I have been an active member, watching plotagon grow and get greater and greater for almost 3 years! #4. Please don't ask my age or other personal info, it is never polite to ask a lady her age, and we all have the right to privacy. I am one of the adults here who likes to endulge that child inside and have fun! I have found that most kids here are so smart, great manners and just super friendly & talented! So, have fun! Share plots and laughs! like plots and make comments and you will get some back! and remember that life is to short for arguing with anyone, stay positive, show by example! I wish everyone, happiness! (Always spay or neuter your pets) Say NO to animal abuse!!
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