Heyya! My name is Francheska, call me Cheska for short! My Plots are clean (No Swearing) but they contain these words : Shoot, and crap. If I follow a person that is, relatively a good person, and you hate them, then I have the right to tell you to just let it go. • Filipino • Lives in New Zealand • Stranger Things • Steven Universe • Adventure Time • Wicked • NO SPORTS • Doki Doki Literature Club • DanTDM, Bijuu Mike, PopularMMOS, Jaiden Animations • APHMAU SUPER FAN :3 • Zach King, Thomas Sanders • I'm CHRISTIAN • Hotel Hideaway Username : Ally Mcdonald • Christmas Plots: #TheCheskaChristmas • Yandere Simulator Plots: #YanChan • "We don't care if you have more than 1.0k followers, we only care about who you truly are." - @LJCFan18 *Btw, if you want to make a plot about me, include Samir, because he's my favorite character here :3* Please watch my plots and don't just like them, it really annoys me.
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